If you are planning on ‘going bush’ for a bit of peace and quiet, or maybe even for a bit of adventure, and plan to take your four-legged friend with you, take a moment to consider their safety and the potential mischief that they may get up to. It is always best to plan ahead for any medical dramas and be prepared to administer first aid if you need to.
Human first aid techniques can be applied to animals as well. It is always an excellent idea to have your first aid knowledge up to date.
My recommendations for a doggy first aid kit are:
• Tensoplast or Elastoplast bandaging – this sticks to the hair so is ideal for animals
• Vetrap or Petflex bandaging – this bandage sticks to itself only and not to the hair of the animal
• Dressings – non adherent absorbent wound dressings that can cover a wound without actually sticking to it.
• Saline – for flushing wounds
• Disinfectant – betadine is my favourite.
• Hair clippers are ideal to stop hair getting into any wound
• Scissors – for cutting dressings and bandages.
• Fly repellent – e.g. Chloramide spray or Cetrigen spray
These items will hopefully get you out of a spot of bother until you are able to get to the clinic to have the problem properly attended to.
Please feel free to ask us to put a kit together for you and your furry mate.

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