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Spring 2018

Let’s discuss the importance of traveling safely with our pets. As we enter into the best time of the year with blue skies and lovely temperatures, we start to venture out with our fur babies to our favourite swimming holes and weekends away at the beach.

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Winter 2018

We have all sat in the Doctors surgery and been told to ensure we complete the full course of antibiotics. This is enforced by Doctors because generally as soon as we feel better, the antibiotics are forgotten or put aside and pulled out the next time we feel unwell, much to the horror of a health professional.

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Autumn 2018

Sometimes in the excitement of purchasing a new family member a few important items are overlooked and one of those is the need for worming in the early stages of development for our furry little friends.

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Summer 2018

The market today is full of variety for our pets and knowing which product is best for your pet and their health is integral part of their general well-being.

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Winter 2017

The Queensland Government have introduced mandatory dog breeder registration from 26 May 2017.

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Christmas Dogs

Autumn 2017

It has been a wonderful busy start to the year here at Coral Coast Veterinary Services. The year is flying by and we are already quickly approaching Easter.

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Christmas DogsSummer 2017

Meet our new employee’s, read about what to avoid feeding your pet’s this holiday season and many more handy hints for Pet Owners.

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