Is your dog or cat over fed and not getting enough exercise?

Due to our busy lives we tend to overcompensate when it comes to the ones we love and this includes our pets. We give our dogs an extra scoop of dry biscuits or maybe the left overs from dinner more often than we probably should due to feeling guilty about the lack of time we get to spend with our furry kids.

This also means we aren’t taking them for walks down at the park or runs at the beach as often as needed to compensate for their generous food intake. Unfortunately, just because a dog has a large yard doesn’t mean he is getting plenty of exercise. Dogs generally don’t run around the yard alone it’s having someone to run with that makes all the difference.

Let’s not forget about our cats too as they are also at risk of obesity which leads to other health concerns throughout their lives. We realise that many pet owners will not notice their dog or cat has been gradually putting on extra weight until the animal starts slowing down significantly. If you feel your pet is having trouble getting up and down or just not moving like they would normally, please give us a call and book them in for a general health check.

Here is a at home body condition check:

• Feel around its midsection while your pet is standing.

• The ribs and spine should be easy to feel, underneath the muscle and on most pets there should be a tucked in or slight hourglass shape to the waist.

If you cannot easily feel your dog or cat’s ribs or spine, and the tucked-in waist has thickened considerably enough to give the animal a more tubular shape, it is time for you to consider their health and well being by adjusting their diet and exercise. Talk to us about a good reduced-calorie food and exercise plan that will specifically benefit your pet’s age, weight and breed, and you will be on your way to getting your pet on the road to recovery before it affects their quality of life.

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